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Unlike most paintball areas, Ambush WV Paintball has professional referees who lead instructional sessions and ensure fair play for all participants.  Our referees will teach you how to play WV paintball the Hatfield and McCoys way.  Other paintball games include Civil War, The Presidency, capture the flag, surrender or die and other exciting games. Bring your family & friends, girl friends, bachelor party or come solo… we’ll team you up for some ‘predatory’ fun.

  • 2 Hour Game   Need to take out some aggression but short on time? This quick game has you covered. Or, check out the speedball course.
  • Half-Day Game  Two hours may not be enough for a more experienced player so try the half-day game.  Choose a team and get ready for an afternoon of several different games and an adrenaline filled challenge.


Great for Birthdays and special occasions like Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. We’ll help you honor that special guest with games like “The Presidency” and “Hunt the Rabbit”, where it’s one man for himself and everybody else against him!

Team Building

Teamwork is a definite must in this game as well as many other aspects of life. Improve team building skills such as communication, strategic planning, leadership, time and resource management, and flexible problem solve all while running around shooting each other and having a blast!