Bird Watching at Country Road Cabins

Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Bin with Bunnies

I may have taken the bird watching a little too far this week.  We had some wonderful and super-enthusiastic folks visiting the cabins.  They were taking part in the New River Birding and Nature Festival.  It’s an annual event here in Fayette County and this was my first year to learn of it.  I encourage you to look into it.  I had so much fun traipsing through the woods listening and looking for birds of all kinds.  I was surprised at all the variety and I learned so much from our great guests.  I did get a little caught up in the branches a couple of times, but I escaped unscathed.

All of us here at Country Road Cabins want to thank the great people who orchestrate the New River Birding Festival each year and give a special shout out to the great guests that we had here at our cabins.  It was a wonderful week of learning and fun.  When you come to visit, remember to take a few minutes and just listen and look for the birds.



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