Meanwhile back at the cabins…

Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Wildlife

Hello everyone – Bin here.  Did you all hear that the New River Birding Festival is in town?

Yes, there are bird-lovers all over Country Road Cabins.  Right now, they are out hiking on a little trek they call ‘Birding by Butt’ and I’m not really sure what that means.  While they are all away, I thought I’d look around for some birds myself and I came across this lovely couple on the hunt for bugs in an old stump near the office.  I tried to chat with them, but they seemed a little nervous and flew away.

I’ve also seen several deer today as I was bird-watching.  The deer love it here at Country Road Cabins and are usually very welcoming to guests.  This lovely family was a bit friendlier than the woodpeckers and visited for some time near the office.  They are very pleased that summer is near providing an abundance of fresh greens.  They said that they pass this way almost daily so I look forward to visiting with them again soon.

I hope to venture a bit deeper into the property later to see what more I can find.  I hope you’ll check back in to see all the wonderful things here at Country Road Cabins.

If you want to learn more about the New River Birding Festival, visit  If you’d like to visit me and my new friends here at Country Road Cabins, just call 304-658-5267 or book online at

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