Country Roads Glamping – Not Your Standard Glamping Experience

Tropical Sun Glamping Tent Outside
Tropical Sun Inside From Porch Jay Young

What is Glamping?

Let’s start at the beginning. Camping is one of those love it or hate it things. Some people love the stark contrast to the modern world, getting in touch with survival instincts and living simply for a few days. Others can’t think of anything worse.

Even seasoned campers have to admit it would be better if you didn’t have to do a midnight walk in the rain to the shared toilet block. Or if the ground sheet offered a little more protection from the surprisingly stony ground. And no-one enjoys the feeling of cold wet canvas stuck to your face if you get too close to the edge. Glamping arrived to offer a slightly more comfortable experience. So you could still go back to basics but without having to suffer for your standpoint – glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries.


What is Luxury Glamping?

Nowadays it’s not good enough to put up some bunting on a bell tent and call it glamourous camping. We want creature comforts. We want amenities. We want a hot tub! We want space to relax. And you can’t fully relax when you’re wondering if you dug that tent peg deep enough. Luxury glamping goes further than a few homely decorations and a trendy throw rug. Luxury glamping means glamping in comfort and en suite. You can’t call it luxury if it doesn’t have a decent loo, luxury is not a lumpy camp bed, luxury needs hot water. Luxury glamping is getting close to the great outdoors without sacrificing the home comforts that let you actually relax on holiday. You don’t have to worry about the weather, because the facilities will cope with whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Tropical Sun Hot Tub
Country Roads Glamping

At Country Roads Cabins we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the expectations of the norm.  Our glamping tents are fully outfitted with a king size bed, fully equipped kitchenette, gas grill, private hot tub and fire pit. From late April through early November, you can be surrounded by nature while reveling in every kind of comfort, including cell service and Wi-Fi, if feel the need to “plug in.” Each tent is also carefully appointed with hardwood laminate floors, fine linens, air conditioning and heat, plus a private, en suite master bathroom.

Tropical Sun Porch Jay Young

Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun is our newest glamping tent here at Country Road Cabins. It is truly a luxury tent with hot tub, AC, TV, Wi-Fi, a kitchenette and more!

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Entrance to Safari Sun

Safari Sun

Safari Sun More Info 1 Bed 1 Bath Hot Tub Pet-friendly TENT DESCRIPTION Our brand new African themed luxury glamping tent “Safari Sun” is located 10 minutes from the center of the newly designated New River Gorge National Park and

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