How Did The Cabins Get Their Names? – Unique Names for Unique Lodgings

Tuscany Treehouse Panorama
Tuscany Treehouse Panorama

Crazy Cabin Names

You may have wondered while browsing our cabins, why do our lodgings have such odd names. Why not just label them cabin 1, 2, 3, and so on? Well, it is because our cabin names all either pay tribute to river rapids near us on the New River Gorge National River and Gauley or relate to that cabin’s specific theme. We don’t do boring here at our West Virginia cabins, even with the names!

Pillow Rock

Pillow Rock is named for arguably the Gauley’s most exciting rapid. It is a class V rapid, meaning it is in the highest category of difficulty for rafters. It is one of the rapids best remembered by adventurists after they get off the river. Our Pillow Rock cabin, much like the rapid it is named for, is extremely popular for being one of our biggest and best. This spacious log cabin can sleep up to 12 guests, making it perfect for reunions, corporate retreats, weddings, and more.

Iron Ring

Iron Ring is named for another major whitewater rapid on the Gauley river. Iron Ring was once a class VI rapid, meaning it was not safely accessible by commercial raft. But now that the classification is changed, it is enjoyed by countless visitors every year, just like our Iron Ring cabin! Iron Ring stays very true to its namesake and is decorated with rafting related paintings/pictures from all around our area. Iron Ring is a 2-bedroom cabin that sleeps up to 6. 

Lost Paddle

Our Lost Paddle is a 2-bedroom cabin named after a two drop rapid. Lost Paddle is another high intensity rapid that received its name when Barb Brown lost a specially made paddle during a test run. More information about this rapid and the Paddle’s subsequent reappearance can be found here.



Surprise is a popular cabin for, well, surprises! We have many guests who will come here to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, spontaneous getaways, and more! But how did the Surprise actually get its name? Surprise is named after one of the more intense rapids on the New River that tends to creep up on rafters after easier class II rapids.


Insignificant is quite an ironic name to have given to our largest cabin. This irony pays homage to the naming of the Gauley’s Insignificant rapid though. This class V rapid is located directly before Pillow Rock. It received its name after the first rafting trip reported “Nothing significant before Pillow.” Some more information on Insignificant and other Gauley rapids can be found here.

Tuscany Treehouse

Our second treehouse is themed and named for a region over 4,500 miles away. When we built Tuscany, we set out to create the feeling of Italy all while staying in the trees of beautiful Hico, West Virginia. 

These are just a few of our unique cabins and their names. But as they say, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” Regardless of the naming of our cabins, they are all luxury lodgings expertly cleaned and cared for that are sure to wow. If you’d like to visit any of our wonderful West Virginia accommodations, you can check availability anytime here.

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