Fayetteville’s Top Indoor Adventures

Cathedral Cafe

If you think Fayetteville is all about outdoor adventures, you’re not wrong. That said, while the town has a dense population of outdoor adventure junkies and corresponding world-class activities, it also offers plenty of indoor adventures for a rainy day. If you’re planning a trip to Fayetteville and the weather is looking bleak, here are a few ideas for fun out-of-the-weather activities to mix into your vacation.



Escape the weather with an Epic Escape Game

Escaping into nature isn’t the only type of escape available in Fayetteville. Downtown Fayetteville is home to an escape room venue the likes of which you would not expect to find in such a small downtown. So, if you like solving challenges and decoding riddles, head to Epic Escape Game New River Gorge for some quality brain-teasing and team bonding.



Rejuvenate the Body

While outdoor sports can be hard on your body, there is nothing better than taking one day out your fast-paced vacation to relax—and a rainy day can be just the right excuse to treat yourself to a massage or yoga session. Then, return to your cabin and soak in your personal outdoor hot tub. After all, hot tubbing is one of the few outdoor activities that is enhanced by rain or snow.



Shop and Dine Local

Downtown Fayetteville is home to numerous small shops that offer the chance to browse local, handcrafted items. While many visitors rush past the shop windows en route to their next activity, a rainy day grants us an excuse to step inside and explore the displays. After shopping, relax at one of downtown’s top restaurants.


Catch a Show at the Historic Theatre

If you time your visit right, you can catch a performance at the Historic Fayetteville Theater. Shows vary from musical performances to plays and other events, but enjoying the intimate historic theater is a magical opportunity regardless of what is on that night’s agenda.



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