Tuscany Treehouse Panorama

How Did The Cabins Get Their Names? – Unique Names for Unique Lodgings

Crazy Cabin Names You may have wondered while browsing our cabins, why do our lodgings have such odd names. Why not just label them cabin 1, 2, 3, and so on? Well, it is because our cabin names all either … Read More

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Tropical Sun Glamping Tent Outside

Country Roads Glamping – Not Your Standard Glamping Experience

What is Glamping? Let’s start at the beginning. Camping is one of those love it or hate it things. Some people love the stark contrast to the modern world, getting in touch with survival instincts and living simply for a … Read More

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New River Gorge Bridge Sunset

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve – What You Need To Know

We have always loved New River Gorge for its 1,000-foot-high sandstone cliffs, its 70,000+ acres of forested land and its 53 miles of churning river. But this under-the-radar gem is gaining new attention outside of the Mountain State. On Dec. … Read More

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Inside view of Safari Sun hot tub and bathroom

Take Me Home (Away From Home) Down Country Roads to Almost Heaven Glamping in the Woods

At the crossroads of luxury and unspoiled wilderness lies Country Road Cabins —just minutes away for the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve and the world renowned New River Gorge Bridge. Whether you choose a deluxe log cabin private … Read More

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Spencer Cabin Outside with Fall Leaves

Fall at Country Road Cabins

Fall Foliage Fall is quickly approaching and here, in the New River Gorge National Park area, we get some of the best views of the leaves changing around late October. All of our lodgings are located within a wooded area … Read More

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glamping tent coming soon

Introducing Glamping Tents for 2021

Country Road Cabins is pleased to announce the addition and construction of our brand new  “Safari Sun” luxury glamping tent to be completed by Memorial Day weekend 2021!  “It’s not your Grandma’s camping tent adventure”…. The  themed “Safari Sun” tent … Read More

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Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Housekeeping Staff

Spotlight on Housekeeping

Sylvia, Carla, June and Kathy comprise our housekeeping team and are essential to the complete guest experience here at Country Road Cabins!  They take great pride in their work and have an eye for detail. With over 54 years of combined … Read More

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Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Bin with Bunnies

Bird Watching at Country Road Cabins

I may have taken the bird watching a little too far this week.  We had some wonderful and super-enthusiastic folks visiting the cabins.  They were taking part in the New River Birding and Nature Festival.  It’s an annual event here … Read More

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Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Staff Abagail

Employee Spotlight – Abagail Carte

We’d like for everyone to meet Abagail Carte – our Abby.  Abby is about to graduate from Midland Trail High School and in the Fall, she will head off to West Virginia University’s Nursing program.  If you are visiting us … Read More

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Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Wildlife

Meanwhile back at the cabins…

Hello everyone – Bin here.  Did you all hear that the New River Birding Festival is in town? Yes, there are bird-lovers all over Country Road Cabins.  Right now, they are out hiking on a little trek they call ‘Birding … Read More

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