Bin’s ‘fur’st priorities

Country Roads Cabins West Virginia Bin

Hello everyone.  I’m Bin of Country Road Cabins.  I found this wonderful and lovely place after wondering alone in the woods for a while.  The folks here have been so very kind to me – as they are to all their guests.  I’ve decided to stay on here with them.

Now that I am here; it’s time to get things in order for spring and summer.  We began with planting some flowers in the front of the office.  It just makes a more welcoming experience for our guests, don’t you think?

The other staff members here also thought we should put a few reminders out about Easter this weekend.  While I love their sentiment and enthusiasm; I did question some of their methods.  

Overall, I must say that it has been a great transition for me into my new position here at CRC.  The staff here is just great and they have been wonderfully welcoming.  Who doesn’t want to stay here all the time?  It’s West Virginia and its becoming summer!  I’m right at home in Almost Heaven.

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