Cozy Retreat in the Wild: The Jackson Cabin at Country Road Cabins in the New River Gorge

Jackson Cabin Outside

Nestled deep within the lush and rugged wilderness of West Virginia’s New River Gorge, the Jackson Cabin at Country Road Cabins stands as a testament to the allure of rustic charm and natural beauty. For those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this cozy cabin offers a tranquil retreat like no other. In this blog, we’ll take you on a virtual journey to explore the Jackson Cabin and the captivating surroundings that make it a must-visit destination.

Location, Location, Location

The New River Gorge is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, world-class outdoor activities, and rich history. Situated on the eastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains, this area offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. The Jackson Cabin’s prime location within this natural wonderland ensures you’ll have easy access to hiking trails, river adventures, and stunning vistas.

The Cabin: A Home Away from Home

The Jackson Cabin at Country Road Cabins is a charming two-bedroom, two-bathroom retreat that effortlessly combines modern comforts with a rustic ambiance. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by warm wood finishes, inviting furnishings, and a cozy atmosphere that immediately makes you feel at ease. The cabin comfortably accommodates up to four guests, making it ideal for a romantic getaway or a small family retreat.

Here are some of the standout features of the Jackson Cabin:

Fully Equipped Kitchen: Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or just prefer home-cooked meals, the cabin’s well-appointed kitchen has everything you need to prepare delicious dishes. From modern appliances to cookware and utensils, you’ll have it all at your fingertips.

Cozy Living Area: The living room is a perfect place to unwind after a day of outdoor adventures. Sink into plush sofas while enjoying the warmth of the gas fireplace, or catch up on your favorite shows and movies on the flat-screen TV.

Private Hot Tub: One of the cabin’s highlights is undoubtedly the private hot tub on the deck. As the sun sets over the New River Gorge, soak in the soothing waters and let your worries melt away.

Outdoor Amenities: The cabin’s outdoor amenities include a fire pit, picnic table, and a spacious deck with comfortable seating. It’s an excellent spot for alfresco dining, roasting marshmallows, or simply enjoying the fresh mountain air.


Exploring the New River Gorge


While the Jackson Cabin itself is a peaceful oasis, the New River Gorge beckons you to explore its wonders. Here are a few nearby attractions and activities to consider:

New River Gorge Bridge: The iconic New River Gorge Bridge is a short drive away. You can visit the visitors’ center to learn about the history of the bridge and its stunning architecture. For adrenaline junkies, Bridge Walk offers a chance to walk beneath the bridge’s towering arch.

Outdoor Adventures: Whether you’re into hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or whitewater rafting, the New River Gorge has it all. Miles of trails wind through the lush forests, and the river offers both serene floats and thrilling rapids.

Wildlife Watching: Keep your eyes peeled for the diverse wildlife that calls this area home. You might spot deer, wild turkeys, and a variety of bird species during your stay.

Historical Sites: Don’t miss the chance to explore the region’s history, including old coal towns, historic landmarks, and the fascinating culture of West Virginia.



The Jackson Cabin at Country Road Cabins in the New River Gorge is a quintessential retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply a serene getaway, this cabin offers the perfect base from which to explore the stunning beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. So, if you’re looking to escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary, plan your stay at the Jackson Cabin and let the wonders of West Virginia’s wilderness captivate your heart and soul.


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